July 16, 2010

The Conspiracy Within

This is in response to all the thick-headed douche bags who consistently fail to see the bigger picture even if it is shoved right into their faces. Let me start by mentioning a basic principle of Islam: Do unto others as you would do to yourself. This means we are duty bound and under obligation from the religion to pacify, help, listen, lend a shoulder, give support etc to all those deserving and worthy of it. But then again this is where the Mullahs jump in to steer this ocean liner of Islam according to their own whimsical ways. When this happens, we are told to sympathize with one party and told not to sympathize with another. Our aptitude for thinking goes to heaven to stare at the fairies and since we’re Muslims, we dare not use our brains because that would cause us to come into conflict with our religion.

The point where we are told what to think and what not to, by whoever, means that it is only logical to assume that we i.e. you, are being manipulated. Before raising your finger next time on CNN, BBC, Fox, hell even Geo, the Indian media, just stop for a second and THINK; aren’t you also a part of this propaganda? If you refuse to think outside the box, if you cannot see the bigger picture even if it is dancing naked in front of you while showing you the finger, haven’t you been manipulated into thinking on a single track?

When I talk about minority rights, people raise the objection that I shouldn’t worry about the minorities; I should worry about the majority. Alright then. Let me worry about the majority here. The Hindus who dare not go back home out of fear for their lives because a boy of their community drank water from a cooler outside a mosque (forgetting how the Jews used to treat the Muslims this way by not letting them drink water from their wells and Hazrat Usman had to come to the rescue?); the Christian police soldier whose wife, son and daughters were slaughtered by the majority Muslims all because they dared to buy household stuff from a Muslim shopkeeper who happened to be the part of the majority in Jhelum; the Ahmedis in Faisalabad who are either murdered or sent to prison by the majority Muslims, for saying Assalam-o-Alaikum because well, they’re Ahmedis, can all GO TO HELL; because let’s face it, the Muslim majority is suffering a slow painful death.

And why shouldn’t we, the majority, be treated this way? Just look at our antics. Just look at our lack of guts, or our heartlessness. Isn’t it totally in line with Islamic teachings that since we are the crucifiers of innocents, this is Allah’s wrath on us? We are the majority. We suffer because we expend our energies on murdering innocents; or in case we’re not the perpetrators, we just flip the channel when we hear the news about such an atrocity and not a hair ruffles on our heads. And let me be frank, I am no different than the rest of this mangy majority. I am equally to blame. But when I sometimes do point out the real issues, I am told “tension mut lay, tension mut lay!” (Don’t take tension).

Well let me ask you then. At least my morals force me to talk about the issues that have befallen this nation. What have you done except log into Facebook and tell me to “talk about the real issues”? These are the real issues. It doesn’t get any real than this. Allah gave us brains to think and use. Allah gave us logic to do the right thing. It is time we finally started showing a little bit of respect to the Exalted Almighty, by doing what He has ordained us to do. Spread love; even if it pinches the life out of some of us.