July 2, 2010

Pakistan's Energy and Water Crisis

The never ending , nerve wracking, temper flaring debate. While the world devised ingenious ways to come up with solutions to there problems, we the great warriors of Allah in this Land of Awesomeness bicker over who to blame, and who to appoint to blame that thing we’ve decided to blame. We are truly remarkable, are we not?

The water and energy crisis of Pakistan dates back to many, many years. Perhaps the late sixties and early seventies was the only time period we had proper energy for proper purposes. Come the eighties and the nineties and KA-Boom, we’re back to square one. The lack of investment on our government’s part is perhaps the single biggest factor in this super crisis which has engulfed us all. We have not invested in developing our coal mines which hold the sixth largest coal reserves in the world, but we are decadent enough to import multi million dollar Rental Power Plants with a capacity  of a mere 62 MW which will do nothing except bleed us to death monetarily. Have we lost all common sense? And yes I mean we, the people who elected these buffoons to the high posts of Ameer-ul-Momineen in this Land of “Everyone’s-crazy!”? What were we thinking for crying out loud?

Another thing that I would like to make abundantly clear to everyone who’s reading this: India is NOT, and I repeat, NOT, stealing our water. We in our infinite wisdom (or was it the World Bank’s?), not only sold the three eastern rivers to India, but also sold rights to use 4 Million Acre Feet of water on the western rivers flowing into Pakistan. India is exercising that right and that is precisely why our politicians have a heyday lambasting India for “stealing our water” and that is also the reason why we will never go to the World Bank to mediate because we’ve got no case to present. You disagree me? Click here to read the Indus Water Treaty of 1960 yourself.

The need of the our is to put Pakistan and its people first. What’s good for us? What’s good for the country? The coal option is extremely viable. Before the gay for green movement personnel stand up and yell at me, remember that the US produces 53% of its energy from coal. You know why? Because it is cheap and it gets the job done. Why can’t we? We have one of the largest coal reserves in the world and it will take the investment of only 3 RPPs to power the whole of Pakistan.

Does anyone else smell something funny in the RPP deals that the Water Minister has sanctioned with Mr. 10%’s blessing?