July 1, 2010

The terrorists, or the terrorized?

The question that we keep asking ourselves. But how does the world see our plight? And more importantly, what do we make them see? This is simply not a case of black is black, and white is white anymore. We are in a conundrum, a satirical position from a point of no return. We have no friends, and we are swimming towards shore in a sea full of sharks.

But coming back to the question, what is our situation really? It is easy to sit here and pity ourselves. We are the victims, there is simply no doubt about it. Every day we lose friends, we lose family. Those who’re fortunate enough to survive through the ordeal are either maimed or disfigured for life. And the world demands us to do more? The world thinks we’re the terrorists? Look at us, look at our plight. Does the US really think we can do more? We lose people every day in the quest to make the world safe and yet no one comes and hands out medals to the families of the bereaved. It has become a routine: Breaking news, 50 dead, area cordoned, yawn, channel change. So in addition to us being tortured mentally and physically, we have also been numbed, almost like robots.

So that’s our story, every Pakistani’s story. But the world doesn’t want to see that. Or rather, they never see that. What they see is the target killings every day, the bomb blasts, the terror created amongst us, and our army who always fails its citizens. This isn’t scoring points against the army, this is just stating what the world outside of Pakistan sees. So really the question is: Are we the terrorist state, or the terrorized?

Our policy makers are too busy trying to secure interests in Afghanistan after the US retrieval to pay any attention to us non-people. What they fail to realize is that the people don’t give a rat’s ass as to who ends up ruling Afghanistan so long as it doesn’t bother us. Now I know we need to have some safeguards, but I think that can be done diplomatically rather than through the blood shedding of innocent Pakistanis.

Until we do that, our dilemma will not go away. The world will always see us as being rogue and we will keep seeing more blood being spilled every day. There are only two solutions to this problem, either we start a massive propaganda in which we glorify ourselves while we create more martyrs out of ordinary men, or we get our heads in order and start caring for the people who make up this country.