August 4, 2010

1 Death = 46 Deaths

The equation speaks for itself. Raza Haider was one man. But in the ensuing chaos following his death, 46 others are now dead. The question we must ask ourselves, and our particularly enlightening Interior Minister is: What are you going to do about the 46 people who are now no more thanks to senseless violence, apart from your constant rhetoric about finding Raza Haider's killers?

Karachi is under attack once again. (Source:
It is high time we called a spade, a spade. While the death of Raza Haider needs to be condoled, it cannot be allowed to become an excuse for committing excesses in the name of vengeance. That department is the sole  responsibility of the police and the law-enforcement agencies, not civilians with automatic weapons. Having said that, there is a need to delve deeper into the problems persisting in Karachi today. Problems that have emerged after the PPP and MQM took over the government charges. There is the need to understand that killings happening in Karachi result from various bifurcations existent in the problem areas such as ethnicities, political differences, targeted assassinations and the lot.

According to, the majority of the people who lost their lives in this whole tragic saga (the aftermath of Raza Haider's murder) were innocent bystanders, who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Their security was the responsibility of the government. But of course the government is so much more busy in diffusing the heat surrounding Raza Haider's murder to pay any attention to the 46 "non-people" who're dead. This is exactly the kind of attitude that has isolated the masses from their political representatives, and this is also the reason why people are consistently becoming disillusioned with all the politicians. While it is OK for them to shed tears and show solidarity when one of their "icon" dies, they turn a blind eye when innocent blood is spilled. 

The problems prevalent in this country make me sad. Meanwhile Asif Zardari has found the time while on visit to France, to visit his 16th-century Chateau de la Reine Blanche family home in the hamlet of Le Mensil-Lieubray. Kudos to you Mr Zardari. On the other hand, un-sarcastic hats off to Sharmila Farooqi for being brave enough to admit that there is political rivalry in Karachi which leads to political tensions, and consequently blood shedding. Hats off to her once more, for admitting that she is but a cog in this political system and only her party elders are allowed to give them a direction to follow. Well there you have it. When the party elders are partying in the south of France, how do you expect them to understand the sadness that is gripping Pakistan right now?

Latest count: 72 dead. May God have mercy on us.