August 25, 2010

Turning a Murder into a Political Thriller

The Butt brothers. (Source:
It seems that even dying in this country is no less than an invitation for a political thriller. And who should jump into the foray this time? It is none other Firdaus Ashiq Awan, the woman who proclaimed that two holidays in a week will lead to a population boom, as people will now have more time to have sex and make babies. Me thinks Firdaus Ashiq Awan hasn't gotten laid in a long, long time, and consequently, she's jealous of all the happy couples in the world.

According to news reports appearing in the online version of, Miss Ashiq Awan, the shameless Marauder has stated that the boys were robbers and murderers, and that they used to loot people left right and center. Reading the report, you just can't help thinking why nobody takes Urdu newspapers seriously anymore. I couldn't stop emphasizing about how our humanity has gone south but people just don't get it. Just to spice up the news, a newspaper like Jang has resorted to desecrating the deaths and memories of two innocents.

But let's not get lost here. Miss Ashiq Awan is also the same woman who went live on national TV and proclaimed that Kashmala Tariq was a whore who originated in Lahore's red light area. Me thinks only a true whore would be able to say such stuff about another woman in front of live audience. But then, that would be a direct contradiction of my thesis that Firdaus Ashiq Awan hasn't gotten laid in a long time. Hmm. Something's amiss here.

And what's with Dr. Firdaus anyway? How can a doctor be so stupid, crass, shameless, nefarious, illogical, completely idiotic, unintelligent, dim, brainless, obtuse, foolish, unwise, ill-advised, injudicious, and just plain silly? Beats me.

We've now gotten down into the dirty business of making a mess out of a simple incident of murder on police watch. Just to save their necks, people left, right and center are resorting to unbelievable lies and deception to muddy the name of two innocent brothers. If only for once they were prudent enough to call a spade, a spade, and a cruel murder a cruel murder, maybe we could start to put things on the right track. But for those who're always finding reasons to defend our national character, what reason have you got now that two innocents who were murdered, will not even be allowed to bear their deaths in peace?

We are at our lowest ebbs. Forget Zardari and Rehman Malik. When you have people like Firdaus Ashiq Awan pretending to be an angel while really being the devil's advocate, how can you possibly even begin to reconcile truth with truth and right with right?

We have no sense of morality, because if we did, the murderers would be behind bars counting their days to their execution. As it so happens, the murderers haven't even been caught now. What hope of justice do you expect from the police that was itself an accessory to this blatant murder of humanity? What hope is there for non-people like me when we have people like Firdaus Ahsiq Awan and Babar Awan gliding over us like vultures?

I hate to keep repeating this but what do I say if I don't even say this? I am ashamed of being a Pakistani. I am ashamed of being a part of the same country that had its citizens murder two brothers, two innocents.

Let it be known today that the Butt family is not the only family awaiting justice today. Let it be known that today, right now, I and millions more await justice.

Justice, for the brutal and heinous murders of Mughees Butt, and Muneeb Butt.