August 26, 2010

Pakistani Definition of Patriotism

The definition of being a patriotic Pakistani is varied across the entire Pakistani diaspora. Some conclude that there is no greater level of patriotism than India-bashing. Others conclude that the core Pakistani values, values that were meant to be supreme in Pakistan at the time of independence, are what define a patriotic Pakistani. So really, there is no one definition that will identify a patriotic Pakistani.

Our policies have always reflected our India-centric stances. We have always been known to be aggressive towards India and for good reason. But taking the stick to India in all matters under the sun is truculently idiotic to say the least. But how do you reverse this ideology that has been ingrained in our mindsets under a 'strategic' plan? Our army, foreign policy, interior policy, law and order situation, and everything else under the vast, open blue sky is always attributed to India. Recently though, this radicalized idea was challenged and the results included a focus shift from India, to Israel and America and the Freemasons.

I am not a conspiracy theorist, and I don't believe in conspiracy theories (although I did believe in them, not so long ago). Admittedly, there are many intriguing facets to these conspiracy theories, and perhaps if we were slightly more educated that a giant Pansie, maybe we could have committed a bit more research into these theories. What irks me most though, is the fact that our mindset has been tuned to blame every single being from the heavens to hell, other than ourselves, for our grievances.

If for the sake of argument, I agree that India, Israel and the American nexus is after us to slit our throats, what have we done to counter them except sit and moan? Can you begin to see the bigger picture now? There was a time when Muslims were all powerful, and consequently had the world by it's throat. Now, the West is powerful and it does what it pleases. The sad thing is we have never really come up with a solution to their nefarious designs. We have only sat back, and cried and made noises, and burned effigies.

For once, it would be prudent to define our patriotism in the real sense of the world. Loving your country, ensuring that it stands right at the top in the comity of nations, loving people around us, not caring about the colour, cast, creed, social stature, class etc that they come from, working towards building and attaining unity, ensuring a just society for our children to grow in, is the essence of patriotism. How many of us even barely touch upon that criterion?

Bashing India, America, Israel, Russia etc is all well and good. But what are we doing to counter their influence other than filing petitions to ban Indian channels and movies, and then banning them, and then un-banning them?

Singing praise songs on 6th September every year, watching the parade on 23rd March, singing national songs on 14th August. Is this all that is left of our patriotism?

How many of you think that what goes on on the eve of 14th August, for example, is an act of being patriotic? When vulgar and obscene men clog the roads vying to woo the prettiest girl they can spot. Following her home, making stupid noises, harassing her. Is that a celebration of our patriotism?

We celebrate these days and acts because we have lost the iota of identity that defined us. We are Pakistanis because we live in Pakistan. A geographical identity. We are not Pakistanis by morality, ethics, etiquette, mannerisms, or honesty.

Our patriotism is so skewed that we forget the real issues and indulge in totally narcissistic idiosyncrasies. You might be identified by the majority as a true patriotic, Pakistani, because you boycott Shezan Bakers which is run by an Ahmedi family. But have you ever stopped consuming Pepsi, Coke, Nestle and Unilever products because they are run by Jews? Have you stopped driving your Suzukis, Hondas and Toyotas because they are made with atheistic hands? Have you stopped wanting to own a Lamborghini or a Ferrari because they are designed and made by staunch Catholics?

Think about it. Think about what it means to be patriotic. Think about whether you've lost yourself in the sea of confusion that permeates every aspect of Pakistani life. Think about what Allah ordained humans to do.

And that's the moral. THINK. Because only when you start to think for yourself, and use your brain, use the logic that God bestowed you with, will you be able to differentiate between milk and water, right and wrong, and what it means to be patriotic.