December 14, 2010

Conspiracy theorists, you suck!

RAW and America are the most likely perpetrators of the
Mumbai attacks according to Pakistani population.
So the question is this: What do conspiracy theorists want us to do? Bomb India? Nuke India? Send our American built F – 16s to Israel and drop some cluster bombs on Tel Aviv? Make Mullah Umer the Prime Minister of Pakistan? Give an honorary Ph.D in terrorism to Osama-bin-Laden from the University of Karachi? Tell our army to stop defending Pakistan and start invading India? Send half of it to Saudi Arabia to guard that traitor King Abdullah? Oh and let’s not forget that the Saudi Royal forces including its air force are a hundred times better equipped than their Pakistani counterparts.

But seriously, what is it that they want? Do they live in a slumber? Can they not see what is apparent and logical? And why are the most sordid conspiracy theorists of the world found in Pakistan? Why is it that they can’t respect another human being? Why is it that they use Islam as a tool for furthering their pointless agenda? Why can’t they use their common sense and see that the ignominious ideologies that they are promoting only result in the desecration of human lives? I bet they would just love if another Zia-ul-Haq came to rule the roost in Pakistan. I bet they would love it if the Afghan “Mujahideen” who successfully burn NATO soldiers came to establish the Emirate of Pakistan. I also bet these same conspiracy theorists would love it if Pervez Hoodbhoy was hanged on Constitution Avenue because he dared to differ from their extremist ideologies.

The rationality and illogic of these “patriots” is mind boggling. It’s like banging your head against the wall because these geniuses cannot and will not budge an inch from their proclaimed statuses. Such extremist ideologies being fuelled by the new “modern, enlightened” Molvis are the cause of the majority of the population being led astray. God has become a plaything; to be used for the execution of vested vendettas. The Pakistan army uses it to kill terrorists; the terrorists use it to kill innocent human beings. The only people losing in this chaos are the sane, innocent, peaceful people of this country.

Now I know the conspiracy theorists will label me as a RAW agent with secret ties to the Mossad and taunt me on having an anti Pakistan agenda. But the fact is that it is them, these so called conspiracy theorists who have been led astray by their fake patrons. They have forgotten the meaning of Islam, and I don’t mean the figurative meaning; I mean the literal one. While Pakistan burns inch by inch, it is these people who are fanning sectarian hatred and preaching violence. And yet they have the gall to stand up and say we stand for peace, and we will Pakistan the world’s superpower. Using force in the world isn’t really quite the right way of going about in the quest to become a superpower.

We have isolated our minorities because it these zealous conspiracy theorists that refuse to show mercy and compassion, and who think that the minorities are worth less than shitting donkeys. We have glaringly missed out on the philosophy of the founder of this country because it was these conspiracy theorists’ timeless heroes who first opposed the creation of Pakistan, and then proceeded to destroy its sanctity by imposing their extremist ideology on its inhabitants. They had an anti Pakistan agenda in 1947, and they have an anti Pakistan agenda 63 years later in 2010.

Common sense it seems has deserted us. We cannot put our own house in order, but we pretend we can fix the world. What a laugh. Dream on O’ conspiracy theorists. You provide the sane population of Pakistan which much amusement and laughs; something we crave for nowadays because of your abhorrent ideals and ideologies.