January 28, 2011

The American fundos who like to play guns and bullets

In the land of the pure, many strange and eventful happenings transpire. One such tragic and truly heart rending tale occurred yesterday when an American diplomat called Raymond Davis shot at and killed two young men – Faizan and Faheem at a traffic signal on Qartaba Chowk in Lahore. While the killer tried to flee from the shooting scene, his companions following him in a Land Cruiser entered the wrong side of the road and hit a motorcyclist killing him on the spot and injured another pedestrian seriously.

By a miracle the American killer was apprehended by the police and just as I was about to revel in the fact that justice might indeed be served, out came the news that he had been shifted to an undisclosed location. That undisclosed location is most probably his home in the United States and consequently once again the abhorred level of police professionalism came to the fore.

The police confirmed that none of the three murdered people had any criminal records. So maybe Mr Davis was playing Medal of Honour 2010 at his office and decided to recreate some scene from the game in the physical reality then? I don’t know. What I do know is that three Pakistanis were murdered at the hands of some bloody diplomats who’re no better than stinking sewer rats. But that would be an insult to the stinking sewer rats because they at least have the courtesy to not murder the other clans’ rats for no apparent reason.

I don’t know why Mr Davis murdered the two people that he did. He says they tried to rob him at gunpoint. But how does he explain the fact that all the bullets pierced through the murdered gents’ backsides? And what of that innocent motorcyclist who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time? Will the US government announce compensation for the victims’ families? Will they say sorry? Will they feel some shame? I doubt it. After all, when do masters despair at the loss or ill treatment of their servants?

I don’t know much official jargon but the little titbits that I do know tell me that diplomats are immune from any kind of prosecution unless it is revoked by the foreign country. But as this is America we’re talking about, I doubt they would be willing to waive diplomatic immunity for ‘one of their own in the land of chaos’.

Some people (the confused modern rightist elements) have declared Raymond Davis as a spy. I don’t know what their sources are but they hardly ever have any sources to back up their claims with. No doubt they would now tell us that the murdered people were going to change the destiny of the Ummah. I disagree with them. One, an American murdered two Pakistanis for no apparent reason. He should be hanged twice for each of the murders by the Pakistani government although I have no real hopes for that because let's face it, this government is a toe sucking, gut lacking, whiskey swivelling lackey of the its imperialistic masters who sit behind mahogany desks in the city called Washington DC. The government of Pakistan should grow some balls and should ask for an official apology and regret statement, and must also ask the American administration to announce compensation for the victims. The innocent motorcyclist who was killed by the raving lunatic driving the Land Cruiser should be willingly handed over to the Pakistani authorities and the diplomatic immunity of both Raymond Davis and his accomplice should be revoked immediately. And then I would like to see them incarcerated in prison to either serve life sentences, or be hung to death. Either way, both of those American madmen need to be given a taste of the Pakistani prison systems.

And two, only the collective Muslim Ummah can change its destiny. Not some peer, fakir or murshid. Until the Americans are blamed for every ill plaguing this nation, we will continue to stumble around in the dark. We all have the right to vote. Let’s go out and make that count. And if you can’t do that, then you might as well shut up and mourn the loss of three Pakistani lives in silence.