January 4, 2011

Shameless hypocrites. All of us.

I don't know why we always start scrutinizing the personal lives of people? Ever wondered? Was Salman Taseer a Muslim? Oh wait, that can't be right he was a drinker! Was he a Kafir? Oh that's right. He was a Kafir that's why he got killed. Serves him right for speaking out against the blasphemy law.

And then once we're done establishing that Salman Taseer deserved what he got, let's look at some other things. He went to that restaurant in his Civic. How many of our “religious, God fearing” leaders step out of their house in anything less than a Bimmer or a Merc? He had just one squad mobile detailed to him. How many of our "religious minded, and totally God fearing" leaders step outside without road cordons and 20 squad vehicles?

Some people are rejoicing because he sided with that “low life” Aasia Bibi because she blasphemed against the Holy Prophet. Ok, he sided with her. But then our dear Muslim “scholars” who support her death sentence say that low lifes such as Aasia Bibi’s can’t reduce the grandeur of the greatest man to have ever lived. Hypocrisy much? Oh wait, these very “Muslims” are famous for that aren’t they?

Did Salman Taseer really deserve to die for proclaiming that the blasphemy laws should be looked at and changed for the better? He never said they should be repealed; he didn’t even say he was going to do anything to change them. He merely stated that it is the Parliament’s jurisdiction and the Parliament needs to change them appropriately to stop them from being misused. What was so wrong with his statement that some fanatic jumped the gun with him?

You know, I can already tell what some of my “friends” and acquaintances are probably thinking right now. That I’m “La-deen” and irreligious. But am I really? How does one reconcile to the fact that those who want death and destruction are the ones preaching equality and peace? The guard who killed Salman Taseer says Taseer was a “Gustakh-e-Rasool”. Did God send him a cable telling him to kill Taseer? If Allah (SWT) was so displeased with Salman Taseer, He would’ve taken His revenge. He would’ve probably have taken Taseer’s life in a freak accident; or He would’ve rained fire on Taseer’s house.

Islam has taught us to love and coexist peacefully. Islam has given protection to minorities. One of the biggest Gustakh-e-Rasool Abu Sufyan was so touched by the Prophet’s exaltedness that he embraced Islam. Did the Prophet say kill Abu Sufyan because he blasphemed against me? Or did he say kill that old woman because she threw garbage on me? I ask this from those who say that the blasphemy laws defend the Holy Prophet’s honour. The Holy Prophet’s honour cannot be protected by us low lifes. His honour’s defence has been taken up by Allah Himself. What are we lowly creatures fighting over then? And actually killing people over it?

This is the same country that cries when whiskey goes short during new year’s celebrations. Shameless hypocrites we all are. This is the same country in which women are raped and then paraded around naked. Isn’t it forbidden in Islam to touch a non-Mehram let alone rape her? And then parade her naked in the streets? This is the country where Mughees and Muneeb Butt were murdered because they were just passing through a village. I've never heard anyone say "Kill the rapists! Kill the murderers of Mughees and Muneeb! I've never heard people say kill those who yell Islam! Islam! at the top of their voices but then say "this year the corruption is Haj affairs was less as compared to last year". I don't even know if these "Munafiqeen" deserve to be called hypocrites anymore. And yet, we have people preaching murder against Salman Taseer because he stated what was common sense. Truly, common sense is indeed a rarity in this God forsaken country of ours.

I am sad today because Salman Taseer was murdered for a totally pointless, senseless and utterly delusional reason. I am sad because a fellow human was murdered because some people decided that dialogue and mutual discussion is against the fundamentals of Islam. I can’t say I agreed with Salman Taseer’s politics. No, I am not a supporter of PPP. And yes, I still want Zardari to be put in front of a court. But that all just doesn’t matter because Taseer was murdered over something that has caused this country angst and pain.

If the blasphemy law is used for personal gains, and we know that it is, then there is no reason to not amend it. That’s all what I want or perhaps those amongst us who refuse to believe Islam can incite violence. Is that an unjustifiable demand?