March 21, 2011


Why are we so scared of saying things as they are? Why are we so scared of government agencies and its lackeys? Why are we so scared of doing the right thing? Why are we so scared of protesting against the wrongs? Why don't we speak out against the atrocities? Why don't we ever choose the correct?

Why don't we vote and why don't we shout? Why do we crib when the people have made their choice? Why can't we accept the reality and live with it? Why do we let amorous douchebags dictate our destinies? Why don't we call their bluffs and show them who's really in charge of this country? Why aren't we proud of our nationality? Why is our love for Pakistan only left to words and cheering our cricket team?

Why don't we get down to sort out the mess that we find ourselves in? Why don't we raise our voices against the hatred that has engulfed us? Why don't we demand justice for Mughess and Muneeb Butt? Why don't we question our judiciary about the release of Raymond Davis? Why don't we ask our army to shoot down a couple of drones? Why don't we ask the US to treat us like a friend? Why do we hate India so much? Why is it so difficult to coexist in peace?

Why do we sell off our people like prostitutes? Why do we sell our souls like we are pimps? Why don't we stop injustice when we see it? Why don't we show the people in power what their job really is? Why don't we question what is not clear? Why don't we ask about what we don't understand? Why don't we demand transparency and stick for accountability? Why is our democracy always tainted with scandalous abuses? Why couldn't we stop from committing corruption even while sending people for Hajj?

Why are we so hypocritical? Why do we always get ourselves out of one conundrum to fall into the another? Why do we shy away from saying the things on our mind? Why don't we channel our anger into making our lives better? Why are we so scared off the notorious security agencies? Why do we think they'll break our spirit? Why is there no unity between us? Why do we pretend to be so different when we're all the same?

Why do we refuse to follow laws? Why do we keep looking for shortcuts? Why do we cheat our way around things? Why don't we let the deserving people make it? Why do we make life so unfair? Why do we treat people around us like leprosy ridden gumballs? Why are we so into ruining people's lives? Why do we end up making our lives so miserable? Why can't we see the good and appreciate it? Why do we become so selfish and obsessed with fame? Why did we abandon the flood victims? Why does our media create sensationalism? Why did we lose our sense of humanity when we saw the murder of Shahbaz Bhatti? Why did we let the venom spewing Mullahs ruin our religion after the death of Salman Taseer?

Why do we not remember God when we're sinning? Why do we invoke His name to justify the wrong? Why do we treat the minorities of Pakistan as third class citizens? Why can't we accept the fact that we're Pakistanis? Why is it so difficult to allow change to reform us? Why can't we keep pace with the ever changing world? Why do we keep promoting the English-Urdu divide? Why do we think Urdu is so "un-cool"?

Why don't we embrace the uneducated Pakistanis as our own? Why don't we demand education for everyone? Why don't we spend money on making the lives of the masses better? Why do we tolerate corruption everywhere? Why is bribery and jobbery so rampant in our lives? Why do we tolerate this madness when we say so many words against it?