March 22, 2011

President Zardari, please shut up

Asif Ali Zardari the self imposed ruler (read President) of Pakistan gave a joint address to both houses of the National Assembly today. With no one being tired of the political drama that continues to play havoc with millions of lives in Pakistan, it was no surprise then that the opposition parties decided to boycott the session. But I'll get to the lowlifes who constitute our opposition later. First, let me state my views on Mr Zardari's speech.

The shameless Zardari lying and telling half truths in
front of his wife's portrait.
Zardari claimed that when he and his stooges inherited the country, it was almost dead economically. I'm sorry, but wasn't bread selling for Rs 2 back then and what is it now? Oh yeah, Rs 6. He also claims record investment was made in the country (Mr President, your Swiss accounts and Pakistan are separate entities so please try to remember that when you're talking about money, money, money?). If "record investment" was indeed made in the country, then pray tell where is the result of all that? Exactly. He also claimed that education sector was given more funds. Now he has to be literally stupid in the brain to claim that. Why else would he say that? Pakistan is in an education emergency. The sooner these two timing scumbags realize that the better it will be for everyone. But of course some institutions and their masters are more important than others in this country.

He also portrayed the fact that thousands of contract employees were given permanent jobs. Now I know the only economics and finance his highness, the Black Lord of Gypsies, knows is restricted to the banking structures in Switzerland but even then, we assumed he had that bit of common sense left in him that ought to have told him that you don't legalize 20 people's jobs in a place where only 1 is needed. But like always, we were proved wrong. He also tried to get credit for the increase in daily wages of the common man. He sounds farcical does he not? But never mind. Let me put his out of context stated facts into some context. The minimum wage of Pakistan is Rs 7000. The inflation rate of Pakistan is somewhere around 20% realistically even though the government cooks up numbers and claims that is around 15.5%. It isn't. But even if this government claim was to be believed, imagine the devaluation and decrease in purchasing power that those people earning Rs 7000 a month are facing. In totality, their purchasing power is decreasing. The Rs 7000 of today are not even equal to Rs 4000 of 2008 when the incumbent came into power.

Zardari also paid tribute to Salman Taseer and Shahbaz Bhatti. He also claimed their deaths will not be in vain. Strange. Their deaths have already been in vain. The little ragtag group of utter imbeciles collectively known as the PPP made sure of that. They could not muster enough balls to prosecute the murderer of Salman Taseer. Rehman Malik, that bloody SoB claimed that Shahbaz Bhatti himself is responsible for his death. You see sane people like me can live with this jackassery; what we cannot live with is the fact that the the motives behind these murders weren't and will never be addressed. And let's face it. The PPP doesn't have the balls to confront the problems facing this country head on. Maybe they're scared they'll wet their diaper but either way, they're taking us down. They still haven't apprehended the killers of Benazir Bhutto and pragmatically speaking, they never will.

Which leads me on to the part of the speech by Asif Zardari where he stated that the killers of Benazir Bhutto will be brought to justice. My un-dear President, it is not the killers of Benazir Bhutto who deserve justice, it is your slain wife who's name you have exploited so dastardly who deserves justice. Zardari also claimed that:
Democracy is the best revenge…we condemn the murders of Salmaan Taseer and Shahbaz Bhatti. We will defeat the mindset that preaches violence and hatred. Being strong means denouncing what is wrong. 
No Mr Zardari. You are wrong. The definition of being strong changed the day you came into power; the day you ceded control to the generals; the day you effectively put the army in charge of this country. Being strong now means a) being a General in Pakistan or b) righting what is wrong at all costs.

I could go on but I've had enough of Zardari for a lifetime. He sucks. His lackeys and stooges suck. Bloody hypocritical animals. Donkeys have more sense than these senseless blood and money sucking leeches in charge of us. And as for the PML-N, PML-Q (Lota group), JUI and Jamaat-e-Islami, what can one say? They're as bad as Zardari. So all the words that I've said here against Zardari, they all apply equally (and in some cases, more) to the Nawabs of Punjab (Sharif brothers), the Lotas of the Punjab Assembly, Fazlur Rehman (who is a slur on the word Maulana) and the crazies of the Jamaat-e-Islami.

These are the people who are involved in point scoring at the cost of Pakistan. What purpose did their boycott serve except for boosting their own inflated giant ass egos? If they hate Zardari so much, why don't they bring a no-confidence motion against his hand picked Prime Minister and government? Why do these douchebags attend lavish dinners thrown at the Presidency? Why do they pretend to hate Zardari when he has in effect given them the rights to loot, plunder and engage in high corruption? They're all hypocrites. They don't love Pakistan. They love themselves and "our" money.

I've had enough. Later.