March 20, 2011

When the saviours become the nation's sellers

PM Gilani and his lackey Gen. Pasha. Or maybe it's the
other way round?
A few days ago I wrote a blog post about how the cost of two Pakistani lives was $2.3 million. I was wrong. That's the cost of the entire Pakistani nation.

Now you may begrudge for saying that but it is true. The back door deals that led to the release of Raymond Davis were managed by the ISI and the Pakistan army. Just one day after Davis' release, the Americans pound a local jirga and kill 41 people. That leads to the first public display of anger by the army chief over the whole sovereignty violations that occur with impunity from across the border. Maybe he wanted to give the impression he still cares about this country and its people after selling them off for $2.3 million?

But the really ironic part is this: The US government did not pay a dime for the release of Raymond Davis. Because we lesser mortals aren't privy to the internal workings of the government or the army, the most we can rely on is the news that is published in the Pakistani media. And according to that very media the Saudis paid off the families of the victims. Not Raymond Davis. And not the US government.

When Hillary Clinton was asked who paid the blood money for Davis' release, she had no idea. But apparently the Pakistani government is now supposed to pay the Saudis back for their "generosity". The Punjab government run by the Nawabs of Punjab (Sharif brothers) put up a hell of a show portraying themselves as anti Americans; they went so far as to claim that they would never let Raymond Davis go. But in the end it was Nawaz Sharif himself who did the Americans' bidding and got Raymond Davis off the hook. His prosecutor general failed to get Davis convicted; and we all know how the Sharifs love to rub their backs with the army generals.

Maybe that is the reason why General Pasha's extension notification wasn't issued immediately. He got chummy with the CIA, he solved his agency's problems with the Americans and voila, Saudis end up paying the blood money, the ISI rocks on, the CIA resumes droning over Pakistan and the Pakistani nation ends up being sold.

People often ask me why I'm so anti army. Fact of the matter is that I'm not anti army. I just have a lot issues with the scumbags who are in control of the army and consequently who are in effective control of the country. The politicians are just a front to legalize their notorious activities. For example, who does the army think it is when it declares it monitors other departments' budgets? They take a huge chunk out of the revenue that this country generates painstakingly. They don't have the guts to shoot down drones yet they clamour as if hell has frozen over when they kill people. They can't stop terrorists from striking every two days. I wonder where they spent the Rs 620 billion that they took last year?

We will never know why the heirs of the victims suddenly accepted the blood money. They just vanished. If news reports are to be believed they have been secretly flown to Dubai. And if they are to be believed further than the ISI and the Punjab government executed the deal. Where is the promised revolution people? Where have all those zealots disappeared who proclaimed they will take to the streets if justice is not done?

Like I said once before, there is nothing that can be done and no one who cares. We were sold but so what? After all, we are America's very own private whore, are we not?