October 16, 2011

The Pakibots

We have become robots. Some of you may disagree, but I hold my ground and still proclaim that this nation of Pakistanis (or Pakibots as we shall henceforth be called) has turned into robots.

The logical question to ask obviously is why do I claim that an intense transition has happened suddenly to Pakibots? Well as intense as it is, it hasn't happened suddenly. It has taken years, but it has happened.

So, why?

Well we've always been told that robots can feel nothing. No pain, no misery, no anger, no sorrow, no love, no desperation, no tension, and a lot of other things that outsiders think Pakibots might be feeling. But the truth of the matter is (and it is indeed remarkable) that a lot of the Pakistani people stopped feeling, well, feelings. Hence, they became Pakibots.

Pakistanis have stopped feeling outraged. Pakistanis have also stopped using their brains. They do as they are told. How else does one explain the fact that despite the return of the dark age to Pakistan, when pagan customs such as murder of women who give birth to girls, rape of women by members of the so called Islamic organizations, selling and buying of girls for prostitution, infinite growth in the drug trade etc., all become common the Pakistanis are still not robots?

The Pakibots are a first. The first cripple in an increasingly demonized world. Lust and money is what is currently making this world go round and its taking its toll. It already has in Pakistan. Pakistan died. And in the process of its death, it transitioned the nation into robots.

So maybe this new message should be inscribed on plaques that are installed at our international airports and border crossings:

Welcome to Pakistan. The land of no feelings or common sense. The land of the robots.