Thursday, April 3, 2014

If Musharraf's a traitor, then Nawaz Sharif isn't that far behind either

Nawaz Sharif and Pervez Musharraf when they were best pals
Khawaja Saad Rafique is a man of many words. Recently, he said
"There is no doubt that Musharraf is a traitor; he is Pakistan's worst offender." 
Technically Musharraf is a traitor. He subverted the constitution of Pakistan for personal gain. But is he Pakistan's worst offender? Well Khawaja saab needs to get a neuro-exam so that he doesn't continue to spout off such utter nonsense.

I have always believed that Musharraf needs to be held accountable for his mistakes. There is no doubting the fact. But I have also always maintained that those baying for his blood need to be held accountable for their actions too. Nawaz Sharif for example lied to the people of Pakistan about his "deal" with Musharraf. Let's go back. His goons trashed the Supreme Court of Pakistan. Actions do indeed speak louder than words. Let's rewind up a bit more. Nawaz Sharif got into bed with Zia-ul-Haq, the madman who slaughtered Pakistan for his hypocritical gains. Maybe Nawaz Sharif needs to be brought to book as well. I mean, when we're calling one person a traitor based on certain parameters, those parameters need to be applied across the board, right?

The hypocrisy needs to stop. If Musharraf's head is rolled, then I suggest everybody else who's responsible for fucking Pakistan up from 1947 also gets the same treatment. If the law is to be applied, it should be applied equally. This selective amnesia that everybody seems to have needs to be checked.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Fox News thinks Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 landed in Pakistan

Fox News thinks that MH370 landed in Pakistan. Somebody needs to tell Fox News to hire a brain.
Yesterday there were reports in the media (later refuted by MAS) that engine data received from flight MH370 meant that it had continued to fly on for almost 4 hours after contact was lost with ground control. This meant that the plane could have flown to any location within the circle in the picture above. For some at Fox News however, it meant that flight MH370 was taken hostage and taken to Pakistan. Of course Fox News thinks that's the only logical outcome since Pakistan is a word associated with very negative connotations in the Fox News thesaurus.

The truth is Fox News, MH370 did not land in Pakistan. I mean, the idiocy and sheer lunacy of your proposition defies conventional logic. But of course in order to be Fox News I believe you have to transverse the boundaries of common sense and logic that set humans apart from, I don't know, baboons. Or buffoons if you're into that kind of thing.

Grow up Fox News. It's about fucking time.

Update 1:

Source: The Wall Street Journal
So this is the map that Fox News (and other news outlets) used to "predict" that flight MH370 might have reached Pakistan. As you can clearly see, it doesn't "reach" Pakistan. At all. Another map on The Guardian's website also shows that flight MH370 could only have reached somewhere in India at the maximum.

Once again then, grow up Fox News.

Update 2:

The Malaysian Prime Minister went on TV and said the plane continued flying for 7 hours after the last communication with ground control.

Let's assume the plane had enough fuel to go anywhere it wanted. In order to get to Pakistan, it would have to cross India. That is extremely sensitive and restricted airspace.

Even will all electronic equipment shut down, if the plane had entered Indian/Pakistani airspace, both countries' military/federal aviation radars would have picked it up. This is a plane. A big one. Not a penny with wings.

And then you would have to land the plane. Does everyone seriously believe that anyone could land that plane in Pakistan without anyone knowing? Without anyone seeing? You've got American military with all their fancy gadgetry right next door in Afghanistan. You've got the Indians on the other side. Does anyone honestly believe that a commercial airliner duped everyone and just landed itself in Pakistan without anyone knowing?

The Pakistani government for its part has denied that the plane is inside the country's borders.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A battle was fought, a battle was lost

If you've been following me on Twitter (if you're not you really should; I'm a delight!), you must've noticed that my tweets have a certain air of despondency about them. It's not like I choose to be sad and melancholy. It's just that the torrid sense of disgust that I find myself entertaining gets too much at times.

It would appear as if Pakistan is fighting for a lost cause and nowhere is this more apparent than on Twitter. The in your face nature of the platform just gives you an idea of how disgusted people are by the whole turn of things and on top of that, you literally sense and feel that they've simply accepted the terrible fate that awaits us all. What has happened Pakistan one might ask? But that would be a pointless question. We all know what has happened. Pakistan is overrun by besotted fools who have no inkling of what is right and what is wrong; who have no moral qualms about the people that die on their watch.
A battle was fought, a battle was lost. The people were tired, the leaders earned their ire. The sun was setting, the dark was emerging. In the darkness hyenas prowled, in their lairs the lions growled. In the distance a glimmer of hope, the glimmer of hope was a shady prop. The darkness soon engulfed them all, and in the process it created a free fall. Society soon sank to its knees, in front of the monsters they kneel and bleed. The monsters refused to move an inch, they thought breaking them was a cinch. The defenders had no choice but to abandon their forts, what could they do they were disavowed by the courts. The looming darkness shrouded all, in the darkness the screams raged tall. 
A battle was fought, a battle was lost.  

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Malaysian model: A possible solution to the sectarian menace?

An article by Zaib Liaqat.

Army personnel guard the Murree Road in Rawalpindi after sectarian clashes erupted
Recently, authorities imposed a curfew in parts of Rawalpindi after sectarian clashes erupted on Ashura day near Fawara Chowk, which left at least nine people dead and over 45 injured. The outbreak was just another example of religious intolerance in the country; the intolerance which has not been affecting a specific sect but everyone.

With this incident, Pakistan has experienced another renaissance in the sectarian violence. The violence mostly involves conflicts between members of two main sects of Islam i.e. the Sunnis and Shias - but not to forget the sub-sects of Sunnis - Barelvi and Deoband. Also, not to forget, Pakistan is the second-largest Shia population and it has good bilateral relations with Iran, the first-largest Shia population in the world. It’s regional power dynamic also vis-à-vis Saudi Arabian influences. 

These emerging sectarian tensions in Pakistan were exacerbated by geopolitical trends. The Iranian Revolution in 1979 empowered Shia Muslims in Iran, which also promoted the actualization of the sect in Pakistan. At the same time, Pakistan-based Sunni Muslim - especially Deoband organizations and madrassas - began to receive funding from Saudi Arabia and the U.S. in order to provide support and training to the Afghan fighters in the context of the anti-Soviet jihad in Afghanistan.

One can always blame regional and international powers in fueling the fire of this menace, but the question is why our nation has been so vulnerable to such schemes? We never seriously felt the dire need of comprehensive national unity in the country. Our efforts ended by banning either hate speech or the group which ignites the sectarian propaganda.

We are in desperate need to drive a strategy and government policy to create, and to promote national unity. The motive of the strategy should be to sow the seeds of goodwill and understanding in every corner of this land, only by this, will we be able to harvest the fruits of progress and prosperity. Recently I attended an International Youth Leadership Conference (IYLC) in Malaysia and got to know about an insightful work of their department for this specific purpose. The made a department to overcome this issue. Below are the five basic objectives of this department.

  • Promoting a culture of peace and prosperity
  • Instilling goodwill and understanding
  • Building upon our shared realities
  • Engaging one another to address disputes
  • Resolving conflict in constructive ways

In order to achieve these objectives they promote interactions at each stage of individual life cycle by establishing a team for neighborhood watch, voluntary patrolling scheme, community mediator, creation of national unity clubs at schools and universities. It is mandatory for every Malaysian student to study subjects of ethnic relations and Asian civilizations. These steps help to promote cross cultural understanding in the country. The department also conducts community wellness programs which include youth at certain levels.

At the community level this department also encourages young and older citizens to arrange activities to empower women and to hold volunteer economic programs in order to improve the societal relationship. They are working on religious harmony programs, which involve religious leaders and community for intra and inter religious cooperation and the partnership of public religious bodies. Malaysia is culturally and ethnically a diverse country with a population of 28.6 million and this department of national unity and integration has strengthened her with each passing day, not just socially but also economically. Malaysians believe that prosperity comes with harmony and because of these efforts, Malaysia ranks 20th in the world according to the Global Peace Index whereas Pakistan ranks149th.

Agreed that challenges faced by Pakistan are not only grave but also numerous and are of a different nature than Malaysia. But, as you have heard, “united we stand divided we fall,” I believe most of our problems will be solved, when, we as nation, would act as single body. I find no harm in investing our energies and attention towards this very grave issue for the greater good.

In lieu of the above, the Islamic Ideology Council should also focus on legislating and formulating policies for cross cultural understanding. Instead of just being a nominal body, they should find common grounds, so that ethnic, sectarian, and cultural diversity should be viewed as a unique asset with significant competitive value, otherwise we are destined to fall into an abyss.

The current resurgence of sectarian violence can be traced to the rise of the Pakistani Taliban in the mid-2000s and this organization’s growing ties with militant sectarian organizations such as Lashkar-e-Jhangvi. As such, sectarian violence is arguably the most dangerous fallout for Pakistan in the US led war against terror in neighboring Afghanistan. Pakistan till date has experienced more than 1839 incidences of sectarian violence and has lost thousands of lives in these attacks.

Zaib is the minister for IT and Telecommunication at Youth Parliament Pakistan (PILDAT) who works with PAK-US Advance Youth Council and Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

When Pakistan started dying...

People gather at the site of the Quetta blast - AFP photo
My heart cries tears of blood for the Hazaras... #ShiaGenocide, when will we wake up?... What has Pakistan come to?! Oh God!!... This country does not deserve to be called "PAK-istan"...
These statements, are cliches. They mean nothing. They have no purpose. They're just uttered to make ourselves feel good about atrocities which we mostly can't, and usually won't do anything about. 40 Hazara Shiites died yesterday. How many of us cared? 18 people died in Peshawer yesterday. How many of us bothered to find out 3 kids died in that attack? How many of us had the apathy to find out that the doctors and rescue teams ran in terror as the terrorists from LeJ told them they would be murdered if they tried to treat the "kafir" Shiites who needed treatment?
I'm going to launch a protest movement on Facebook! Enough is enough!... I'm live tweeting the #HazaraGenocide... This madness needs to stop!...
Yesterday when David Cameron was standing under the open skies of Islamabad, people were dying in Peshawer. While Nawaz Sharif was saying we're going to fight terrorism, and eradicate the electricity menace, kids were burning, screaming, dying. Did a single hair on his shiny head ruffle? Did he shudder? Did he feel a cold settling in his gut? Did he care enough to go to Peshawer and look the mother of the 6 year old girl in the eye and tell her "I've failed... Forgive me? We've all failed, forgive us all...?"

I used to think Pakistan belonged to us. It's only recently I've realized Karachi belongs to A, Quetta belongs to B, and Lahore belongs to C. FATA belongs to the foreigners, and Islamabad is home to ostriches. Pakistan is not mine. Even my home is not mine. I am not a Pakistani. None of us are. Or ever were. It was a delusion that took 65 years to wear off. Abul Kalam Azad, a fierce opponent of the Pakistan movement had predicted in 1946 what would happen to us. East Pakistan would break, and the west wing of Pakistan which was to be ruled by feudal lords, and uneducated loafers would self destruct. Abul Kalam Azad said in 1946 this delusional idea of "we're all Muslims and hence one nation" is false. We are not one nation. We are Sunni, Shiite, Ahmedi, Barelvi, Wahabi, Sufi, Salafi, Hanbali, Ismaili, Alawi, Naqshbani, Uwaiysi, Qadri, Zikri and so on and so forth. And amongst these we are Takfiris, incapable of accepting the faith of another, or living by it.
Shias are kafirs, they deserve what they're getting... Our movement is to get Shias declared as non Muslims under the constitution of Pakistan... Killing Shias is tantamount to killing the enemies of Islam, and that is what Islam tells us....
It seems such a long time when I was apologizing to the Shiites, but even that apology sounds fake, and hollow, and distraught. Last time the Hazaras took 86 dead bodies and waited in the open cold under the star less night waiting for deliverance which never came. How many more dead bodies must they put under the open skies for us to realize what monstrosity has just ripped through us?
They say after every fall, there is a rise.... But the bottom feels like an endless pit of sweltering tar that's pulling us deeper inside....
Pakistan started dying the day it was born. Our "Islam", our "Musalmaniyat" was the cancer that started feeding the hate and disgust that we feel toward one another. Once upon a time it was the Christians and Hindus and Parsis who felt scared. Now we Muslims feel scared...of other Muslims. Islam's neck was held by the throat and squeezed till its eyes popped. As a result Islam was replaced by a vicious form of barbarianism.
When Pakistan started dying, we held candlelit vigils. We made Facebook pages dedicated to the cause of defending our fallen brothers. We promised we're all Pakistanis. But one by one we kept falling. When Pakistan started dying we tweeted non stop. We shouted, fought, lost. When it was our turn to be slaughtered like animals, we cried and we begged for mercy that was never forthcoming. They came for the Hindus. We didn't care. They came for the Christians. We didn't care. They came for the Ahmedis. We said Ahmedis deserve this! They slaughtered Salman Taseer. We garlanded his murderer. They came for the Shiites. We turned a blind eye. They're coming for us. And pretty soon our eyes will be popping out of our heads too.