November 21, 2010

The average Pakistanis

The hunkering politicians of Pakistan have lost it. They are going nuts over everything that doesn’t even come into the daily agenda of the average Pakistani. I’ll give you an example of what Hanif Abbasi was shouting on TV today: Anyone who supports Musharraf or is his friend, the people of Pakistan will eat him alive!

I have just one question to ask of the new chaperone of the PML – Nawaz, who in God’s name cares who Musharraf’s friend is or isn’t? When the Nawaz party isn’t bashing Musharraf, they’re giving pernicious statements against the government which is detrimental to all the stakeholders in Pakistan aka the poor “awam”. And if they aren’t busy swooning over the magical re-growth of the Sharifs’ hair, they are busy legislating on issues such as Hindu cartoons are corrupting our youth and children. Touché gentlemen, touché!

If you leave the PML – N alone for a while, you will find that the PPP is up in arms throwing tantrums against all and sundry. Sometimes it is against other political parties, other times it is against its political allies. Still other times, they’re busy throwing tantrums against the myriad corruption that we find ourselves in. And yet, the PPP tells its government officers to boycott Transparency International because it’s a bad kid, and mommy has forbidden them to play with bad kids. While they acknowledge they are corrupt, they really don’t want to do anything about it.

If the two largest political parties of this country could get their heads out of their asses for a change, a lot of important things would fall into place. We would have a government that actually worked for instance; and the lives of the average Pakistanis would register a surprising positivity, which seems absolutely impossible in the current scenario.

Life is sad. Life was always sad, but this, right now is just agonizing. Sugar isn’t available anywhere for less than a hundred rupees; parents cry in despair over the raped bodies of their little kids; and quacks pretend to be doctors and end up murdering innocent people who dared to fall ill. The lawyers protest after beating media personnel, and the army pretends to be the god of Pakistan. The flood stricken people live life as if hell has come upon them in this lifetime while the donors willing to help Pakistan keep castigating the government to mend its ways. The rich simply refuse to pay taxes while the poor are forced to pay for the sins of the rich. In all this commotion and hullabaloo one never gets to know the plight of the average Pakistani who suffers, as he used to, and will continue to do so.

While the government busies itself over petty issues, it doesn’t fire known corrupt officials and ministers because that would mean it isn’t the PPP anymore. And yet, they fight over Musharraf as if there is no bigger malady facing this nation than his sorry self.

The PPP has no answer when it is asked about the 230 MW electricity producing ship that will supply power to the residents of Karachi at a whopping Rs 15.66 per unit; it also has no answer when it is asked to comment on the 19500 MW of energy production capacity available in Pakistan. But nobody talks about that, because talking about it would mean talking about an issue that relates directly to the average Pakistanis.

In the angst of living life in misery under the government of Pakistan, with people of varying degrees of mental calibres comparable to monkeys and rats ruling over us, it has befallen this calamity struck nation to fend for its own self. Let God be my witness today, for I refuse to be a part of the blood sucking, leeching process that has been initiated against the average Pakistanis; because it is the average Pakistanis who make us all proud of being Pakistanis in the first place.