November 29, 2010

Wikileaks burns down diplomacy

Wikileaks has forced diplomatic channels to buzz up
around the world. (Photo:
The Wikileaks leaking papers are all over the news. The one thing that must’ve hit Zardari in the heart, and will have forced Baray Mian Sharif to float in the air is the Saudi King’s proclamation that Zardari is the biggest impediment to Pakistan’s progress. Be that as it may, but who gave the right to Khadim-ul-Harmain-Sharifain to put his long nose in matters that are privy to a foreign country? Now I know the moral brigade will awake from its slumber and curse me for using such derogatory language against the King of Saudi Arabia; but why? Why is it so painful for all when the West says the same things for example?

Before the people force me on my way upwards with their stone throwing, I would like to tell them a little story that went on at this year’s Haj. Apparently, the Saudi government itself has decided some Muslims are more equal than others when it comes to performing Haj. We all know how corrupt our government is; there is no denying the fact. But did you know that the multimillion dollar monorail that has been built to facilitate pilgrims in their movement from Makkah to Muzdalifah and Mina is only open for use by the Saudis? And to the Arabs from next year. Not the “highly respected” Muslim brethren from the Citadel of Islam itself.

So here’s the deal: When the Saudi government treats us as if we’re sewer rats swarming around in their gutters, why can’t we at least maintain a bit of self respect and self dignity and tell the Saudis to mind their own business? After all there are always calls from the “patriotic” Pakistanis to tell the US to mind its own business and quite rightly so, but why the hypocrisy then?

And not only that, but the Saudi King is also reported to have urged the United States to attack Iran and bring down its nuclear facilities. Now why such aversion to a fellow Muslim country, that has never harboured any ill-wishes towards the land of the Prophet (SAW)? This whole attitude smacks of debauchery and ill will on part of one of the most respected Muslim countries in the Muslim Diaspora.

Despite stern criticism from around the globe for the leaks that were made available to the New York Times daily and The Guardian daily in London, Wikileaks has refused to back off. In a way they are right too, because this is a form of doing a perverted justice to those who refuse to be held accountable.

Anyway, Israel certainly regards Pakistan as a hotspot as Wikileaks pointed out with its released documents. According to Ehud Barak the President of Israel, Pakistan is a “private nightmare”. Also, there is a strong fear amongst the Israeli intelligence that if Pakistan were to fall into militant hands, Israel’s survival would be at stake. There was also consensus that Musharraf had to be kept in power. This ought to cheer the neo-cons amongst us who use Israel as an excuse for every wrong in the world. Their mission has been partially accomplished by the declassification of the leaked cables emanating from the Presidential suite in Tel Aviv.

There is so much more to write but I really must get a move on. Wikileaks or no Wikileaks, we have problems that need to be sorted out. It shouldn’t take the declassification of 250,000 documents to force us into action. A bit of self introspection incidentally, would help us go a long way in helping us to revive our long forgotten gracious image.