January 15, 2011

They’re all liars and cheats

Leave us be, you corrupt sages of darkness. (Photo:
All of them. You see I believed in giving this incompetent and utterly horrible government a chance. I stuck to the decision of supporting these abhorrent villains for three years. Three years in which they tested my patience again and again and again. They looted the national exchequer, brought the national economy to a standstill, had the gall to say ‘let us do corruption’, proved their sheer bamboozling atrocities by openly welcoming known and declared forgers, scam and con artists back into the folds of the now disgraced national assembly after they were disqualified, making a mockery of the helpless citizens’ lives by declaring ‘they should eat less’, letting corrupt and dishonest fraudsters go scot free, ensuring that the expression ‘freedom of speech’ only applies to right wing extremists, bending over backwards to accommodate cheats and hypocrites like the mullahs from the JUI, giving us the in your face signal and openly showing their hypocritical attitude by accepting the demands of other corrupt parties like the PML-N and the MQM only because they wanted to save their seats.

There is a limit to everything. There is a limit to the stress one can take. After that there is an explosion, like the one you’ve just witnessed. Do I still want to support this government? No I do not. I don’t want a government at all. This country would run better without a government. Why do we have governments around the world? So that they can protect the people, ensure that the standard of living of the people improves, ensures that the sovereignty of the state is secured, and so that people can snuggle up cosily in their beds at night knowing that when they wake up, they will still have a roof over their heads that belongs to them. We also have governments so that education can be given to those willing to seek it, health facilities can be given to the poor and needy for free, the unprotected citizens of the state can be given protection and those flaunting the rules can be handed stringent punishments to remind them that they are equal in the truest sense of the word, to those whom they have been running over and pissing upon. Utopian sentiments I know, but at least that’s the vision. Maybe if the government had this vision it would’ve have gotten somewhere.

But no. This is the government which claims it has the credentials of the liberal left attached to it. I disagree, but maybe it assumed that by showing Rehman Malik on TV as the guy who can’t even say Bismillah properly, let alone recite Surah Ikhlas, it would retain the liberal minded people’s support. Well guess what? That was an epic fail. The poignant discourtesy that the collective bunch of loafers also known as the PPP does to us is that they fail to notice we’re not stupid. The PPP just lost a Governor of a province to a trigger happy extremist who has been patronised beyond measure and what did it do? Silence, only broken by agreeing to the extremists’ agenda. The liberals? No wait. What do you think a liberal even is? One who drinks? Party’s? Hangs out with women? Doesn’t pray? Thinks religion is outdated, and by association unnecessary? Wrong. That’s what you call an atheist or an agnostic because he has refused to believe in the validity of God. I am a liberal but I believe in God, and I believe in the Quran and I believe in Hazrat Muhammad (SAW). What I don’t believe in is the illogical, violence inciting, people killing, murderous brand of Islam that the mullahs seem to want to foist upon us. No sirs and madams, I will not be beaten into submission by these madmen that this pathetic government has let win, nor will I let their blackmail and terror silence my voice.

So what do I want then? I don’t know. I don’t want the Zardaris, the Gilanis, the Sharifs, the Khosas, the Awans, the Fauzia Wahabs and all those insolent, bottom wiping, hypocritical bigots that rule over us worse than the 12th century Kings of the European Dark Ages. I want out. I don’t know how, and I don’t feel in the mood to really think about it right now. Maybe I’ll come up with a solution and let you know. Till then let’s all make a pact to pray to God to have mercy on us. Amen.