December 5, 2010

I’ve had enough

It was a conspiracy alright. (Photo:
The whole world is in turmoil. Apparently Wikileaks has caused every douche bag’s pants to go up in flames. But you see I don’t care. I’m sick of Wikileaks and its bean spilling capabilities. The fact of the matter is despite all these revelations, not a single thing is going to change in the political structure of and composition of this country. The Butts will vote for the Butts, the Gilanis for Gilanis, the Chaudhries for Chaudhries and so on and so forth. That’s a fact. Not only that, but despite showing how dependent they are on American life support, the politicians of this country will still rule the roost with impunity in this God forsaken land where common sense was the first casualty in the aftermath of the Objectives Resolution.

Why am I ranting you may wonder? Well because I’m sick and tired of all the political wrangling and the never ending charades that we have to put up with. Where the sons of the demigods roam the streets as if their daddies own the whole goddamn country, how does anyone expect the leaks to create even a mild difference? It is not the self declared demigods’ fault. It is the nation’s fault because we’re too lazy, and too busy being lazy to actually move our asses and do the much needed job of correcting ourselves. But that’s a tall order for us to fulfil isn’t it? Just thinking about it is making my head burst with pain and the really sad part is that no one seems to care how pathetic we as a nation have become.

The US does not define our destiny; we do. So get your head out of your ass and start using your brain. The US did not want the Chief Justice to be reinstated, but we did. And we did get him reinstated. There, right there is your myth of conspiratorial theories busted and burnt down to the ground. Get a life. People make fun of you when you say “conspiracy”. Blaming everything on the West and then to sit back and crib and cringe about it like a little girl won’t get us anywhere, as has been amply proven. You want to break the American hold? Move your ASS! We aspire and then claim to be a self serving sovereign nation. Well I’m surprised why none of us has had the gall to ring up the Saudis and tell them to mind their own goddamn business yet. Is it because they are our oh-so-best-Muslim-friends? Or is it because they are the second most influential force in this country after the American embassy?

But you know what? I don’t want to know the answer because it wouldn’t make any difference. We will go on lying around like useless pieces of scrap, while external forces in cahoots with the utterly shameless imbeciles who lord over us like black rain from the sky, write our destinies for us. Because that is what is convenient for us. There will be no revolution because revolution requires sacrifice. How many of us can even survive a paper cut to be able to say we want a revolution? It makes me sick. Double standards, hypocrisy, two-facedness are the striking highlights of our nation. You go to any parking stand and the toll collector will ask you for twenty rupees when the ticket says ten actually. You stop at any signal and policeman in commando fatigues will threaten you with his black cat moves and his shiny automatic weapon to get the hell out of the way of some douche’s horny son who needs to immediately get laid. You shoot him a dirty look and he shouts a stream of explicit expletives that will involve anyone from your mother, sister to uncle, aunt, father, grandfather etc. Basically, he will have abused your whole family tree.

And then there’s the contrast. The outhouses, the farmhouses, the multimillion rupees apartments in posh areas. And they all scream the same thing over and over and over again; no one cares. No one gives a rat’s freaking ass as to how the world ruins our country. No one cares how we ruin our country. No one cares how we deface and sully the name of Pakistan and in the process, muddy our own identity. It’s just gut wrenchingly sad. It’s pathetic. May God have just a tiny bit of mercy on us. Please God. You owe some of us that much because some of us actually care about Pakistan.